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The cowrie covering plays a basic function in the collections of Catherine Sarr, the French developer behind Almasika Penalty Fashion Jewelry— and also there’s little marvel why. The cowrie, a mollusk which comes from the Indian Sea, was made use of as cash in different components of the globe for a minimum of 1,000 years, and also was presented to the west shore of Africa, consisting of Benin, by the 16 th century. West African countries stood up to using European money well right into the very early 19 th century, in protection of their pre-colonial sovereignty, liking to keep and also shield the cowrie as a sign of their cumulative past. Today, the cowrie is no more made use of as money, yet commonly shows up on things, both attractive and also magnificent, throughout the continent of Africa and also its diaspora. Sarr, that was birthed in Paris to Beninese moms and dads, has actually taken a trip the globe thoroughly, and also makes use of the cowrie covering as her fashion jewelry line’s factor of access in its objective to go beyond social borders.

We overtook Sarr to review her special vision for her fashion jewelry, the result her journeys have actually carried her innovative procedure, and also the funny means parenthood assists to form her styles.

Almasika Jewelry | Catherine Sarr

Can you inform us a bit concerning the beginning tale of Almasika Penalty Fashion Jewelry?

Almasika is significantly connected to my individual tale. My moms and dads are from Benin, and also I was birthed in Paris. I transferred to London, where I lived for 10 years operating in the great fashion jewelry sector. After that I transferred to Abu Dhabi with my family members, and also currently I ’ m in Chicago with my spouse and also my 4 youngsters. What I understood along the trip is that, in all those locations, I got in touch with individuals from all profession. I found out that we have a lot more that we share, than what divides us. I ’ ve constantly been amazed by the social element of fashion jewelry, so I made a decision to check out kinds, icons, and also tales that prevail to several societies. That was my beginning factor with Almasika. I utilized the cowrie covering since it has this definition in my society, yet additionally in many various other societies, of spirituality, success, and also fertility.

While you operated in the great fashion jewelry sector, you experienced jewelry experts around the world whose job was truly a representation and also a reflection by themselves societies. What kinds of tales do you intend to inform with your very own fashion jewelry collection?

It was remarkable, to see all those jewelry experts informing their tales. For my initial collection, I intended to return to my very own society, and also I originally discovered the cowrie covering. I’m truly curious about overlapping circles throughout societies. Aesthetically, I ’ m curious about global kind – global, indicating that any kind of human, no matter their society, will certainly feel it as something individual. So, that ’ s what I intended to state.

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What made you determine to go from working with business side of the fashion jewelry sector to really taking the jump right into developing fashion jewelry on your own?

It was truly a burning wish to inform tales with fashion jewelry and also having the ability to create fashion jewelry that I would certainly intend to put on. I intended to be that vector of discussion, also, by checking out those commonness throughout societies.

You were birthed in Paris. Your moms and dads are from Benin. You resided in London and also Abu Dhabi. Currently you ’ re in Chicago. Exactly how do you really feel that living in all these locations has formed your real innovative procedure, the means you tackle developing the art that becomes your fashion jewelry?

They’re all such various locations with various societies and also various means of checking out art and also production. In both Paris and also Benin, there is the love and also satisfaction of workmanship– a pursuit, practically, for excellence, for developing a beautifully-made item. After that, the shape of my fashion jewelry is underrated, and also there is certainly a Parisian aspect to that. In Benin, whatever is elaborate and also vivid. Extra is much more.

In London, I got on business side of the sector. Satisfying all those developers, for instance Solange Azagury-Partridge, and also several, several others revealed me to look ahead. There is still the gorgeous craftmanship in London, yet developers there were pressing the borders of layout, of creative thinking, of what also counts as great fashion jewelry. In London, I found out to be strong in my selections, yet additionally to be daring when it come to creative passion and also that a jewelry expert is.

Chicago is truly concerning the design, the vivid art neighborhood, yet one of the most crucial element in Chicago is the public interaction. The public interaction right here provided me the motivation to redefine what effect, as a company, I intended to have.

Every one of these locations have actually added to what is Almasika today.

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Exactly how would certainly you explain your brand name ’ s layout visual?

I ’ m drew in to the sculptural element of kind, and also contours that are soft. I such as fashion jewelry that mirrors the line of your body; you practically neglect you have it on since it really feels really comfy. I such as a shape and also a means of putting on fashion jewelry that is underrated, not over-complicated, which truly speaks with my Parisian training.


I located it really fascinating that you and also your spouse are significant art enthusiasts, and also I was asking yourself if you see any one of your preference in the art that you have actually chosen for your residence mirrored in the fashion jewelry that you layout.

We gather modern art, and also a little bit of timeless African art. In the modern art, there ’ s constantly a web link to Africa and also the diaspora, from Brazil to the UNITED STATE, and also to various other nations on the continent. With a few of those items, I considered particular forms and also icons that have typical significances in several societies. I believe what affected me would certainly be the power of informing tales past the real things. In modern art, you have a things, yet the musician intended to state so a lot more than what you really see. That motivates me since that ’ s what I ’ m performing in my tool, in fashion jewelry. The major difficulty though, is that with fashion jewelry, you have the kind, you have the feature, yet you additionally have the appeal. I create fashion jewelry that I intend to be gorgeous, that individuals intend to put on, that they intend to offer.

When you are developing your collections, do you have a certain user in mind? Do you consider what your excellent user resembles and also what makes your fashion jewelry the ideal suitable for them?

I put on ’ t truly see somebody aesthetically, since our customers is from around the globe, various ethnic cultures and also ages. It has actually been outstanding to witness, having the ability to create fashion jewelry that is appealing to teens and also older ladies. What I ’ ve observed in all those ladies is that they are all naturally interested. They are really, really interested and also enthusiastic concerning the globe around them. The kind of lady I create for, naturally has a wonderful feeling of design, yet it ’ s truly concerning just how they see the globe, and also their inquisitiveness concerning the various other.

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You stated previously that you have 4 youngsters. Have you located that parenthood has had an effect on your creative thinking?

I put on ’ t understand if it ’ s the creative thinking, yet while doing so, to start with, I obtain a great deal of unwanted viewpoints[laughs] In some cases it ’ s favorable, in some cases unfavorable, yet what I such as with youngsters is that, up till age 9, it ’ s truly unfiltered. You obtain a sincere viewpoint. And also they have this pure tourist attraction or denial that I ’ m seeking. I ’ m concentrating on the kind, and also I intend to discover that type of global kind that individuals will certainly be brought in to. So when I reveal an item of fashion jewelry to my youngsters, if they state it ’ s great, I understand that I ’ m obtaining someplace.

Exists anything in either of your present collections that they truly like?

Oh, the Berceau arm bands, which is an arm band that follows your wrist and also it ’ s really straightforward band of gold. They like that. Also my boys asked if they might have some made.

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Exactly how has your life and also job transformed given that the pandemic started in the UNITED STATE previously this year?

Initially, life, I invest even more time with my spouse and also youngsters, given that I’m functioning from residence. On business side, we constantly count a fair bit on on-line stores. Currently, we are establishing and also supporting connections with independent shops also. Prior to COVID, we held a stunning collection of trunk reveals with an actual web link to the art globe– with enthusiasts, art establishments, and also galleries. Due to the fact that the trunk programs are not feasible, literally, we have actually placed them apart. That’s where on-line and also independent shops will certainly tip up. I believe the independent shops that understand their clients quite possibly will certainly have the ability to take that exact same curated, individual strategy we had with the trunk reveals.

What modifications would certainly you such as to see in the fashion jewelry sector, particularly as it refers to the present assistance that Black fashion jewelry developers are obtaining currently, that may not have existed before June of this year when the Black Lives Issue activity ended up being much more noticeable?

I believe it ’ s a favorable point that editors and also stylists are currently ending up being much more interested concerning developers that didn ’ t have the limelight. What I intend to see is even more of the acquiring neighborhood being similarly included, since inevitably that is additionally crucial. Clients are currently critical and also thoughtful concerning that makes their fashion jewelry, and also what story and also background that fashion jewelry holds. I believe it ’ s perhaps sequential, so stylists and also editors initially, and also currently we require to see what ’ s mosting likely to occur on the acquiring side. There ’ s some fantastic efforts currently established such as the 15 Percent Promise, so I wish there will certainly be an effect on the acquiring neighborhood also.

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Have you seen any kind of modifications in the manner in which you operate given that this all started?

Yes. With my history, I had connections with editors and also stylists, and also they have actually constantly been brought in by the fashion jewelry itself, so this was a favorable aspect for us. Yet individuals are being much more aggressive concerning us. We would love to see that in the long-term.

What is your individual favored amulet?

The cowrie covering in my collection is a historical amulet, yet I have actually reviewed it with rubies and also gold. I such as to call it my grownup amulet, since I utilized to put on an all-natural one when I was a teen. The 2nd one is a ring that my mommy provided me. It ’ s a gold ring. I constantly have those 2 with me.

And also lastly, do you have any kind of information on your future collections that you like share?

Yes. The brand-new collection will certainly be out quickly. We require to pick a day, yet it ’ s practically completed. I can ’ t delay to share it with the globe. There are a few of the trademark components of my styles, in regards to sculpture, forms, contours, and also circles, yet I go also deeper right into my expedition of commonness throughout societies.

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