Video: Trying On Short Shorts

Don’t hold me to this but I think I’ve come up with a solution for those of you who don’t use Instagram but want to see the content I post on there. I’m experimenting with uploading the videos to Youtube as well as IGTV so that I can then embed them into the blog. So you should see a video screen below, with any luck, and you should be able to click and watch me making a berk of myself trying on too-short shorts.

Don’t say I never give you anything.

If this works (and why wouldn’t it?) then there will be a pleasant, permanent place for all of the content I make with the added benefit that it is Google-able. (Googlable?) It’s quite challenging keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape and I feel safest when all of my stuff is anchored to this blog, my internet home and virtual mothership.

So let me know if this is handy for you – it should definitely please those old-skoolers who still watch Youtube but hate Instagram. And apparently most Youtube users now watch on their phones, so the vertical video should be popular too… I’ll still be uploading normal, horizontal Youtube content and so this IGTV stuff is basically a bonus for those who want it.

Anyway, onwards and upwards with the short-shorts – honestly, I don’t know how anyone functions in shorts this brief. How do they lean to get into a car? What happens if they have to tie up a shoelace? The gussets on said shorts are so small that you’re more or less walking around in a ticking time-bomb, in terms of accidentally flashing your fanjita. I’m all for a bit of body con in the summer if you fancy it but surely there’s a fine line between accentuating your best parts and, er, indecently exposing them…

Links are below if you fancy some short shorts of your own.

Short shorts:

Tight shorts:

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